OUR objectives


  • To generate and deliver health care and development services/products – as may be demanded by the target community/groups-from time to time.
  • To establish, operate and manage specialized services, industries, institutions; as special interest groups or the community may demand from time to time.
  • To acquire land and buildings; and other products out of such projects as may be taken or decided upon or approved by the Community or its leaders/Directors.
  • To properly teach, train, educate and instruct people involved in the practices of implementing the community’s programs, projects and related activities or services thereof.
  • To undertake or promote Community’s social/economic interests of its members; and for the purpose too, to engage in Agricultural Farming and or to establish agro-based scale/industries, vocational schools for welding, masonry, crafts, and carpentry and or Engineering, Science and Technical trades.
  • To liaison or work with or join in effort with other and similarly companies or institutions and universities, for the promotion of advocacy, lobbying for rights and entitlements of children, women and youths in Uganda and elsewhere in the world, especially regarding poverty alleviation; litigation for vulnerable people and children without a provider or anchorage.
  • To arrange and operate campaigns for enhancing Community empowerment and social accountability.
  • To arrange learning travels/tours: to inspire more and more Community Based and or group initiates.
  • To operate cattle, poultry or livestock farms and such other callings as may be relative to the above objects.
  • To undertake or to promote the advancement of all types and kinds of services to benefit the target communities; and for its purpose: –
  • To conduct and operate Health and Medical Centers or hospitals.
  • To establish and operate children’s development institutions like schools, homes and institutions of Higher Education/Learning-Universities or Tertiary institutions.
  • To print and publish any pamphlets, articles, newspapers, periodicals, books or leaflets that the community may think desirable, for the promotion of its objects.
  • To provide working relations with or assist any persons, associations, group of persons, company or group of companies, whose objects are for the furtherance of charitable and/or religious or cooperative work.
  • To seek and receive donations, grants, payments, assistance in money or money worth, from departments in and outside Uganda: for the sake of furtherance of any and or all the objects as herein outlined.
  • To borrow money and or take-on credit/loans, any materials machinery, equipment, tools, items and any other things – as may be necessary for the furtherance of the objects herein outlined.
  • The income and all money, however received shall be applied solely; towards the promotion of the objectives as herein outlined and no portion thereof shall be paid, transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or otherwise to members of the community, provided always that nothing herein contained shall prevent, in good faith, payment of remunerations to any member or worker or officers of the Community.
  • If, upon winding up or dissolution of the Community, there remains; after satisfaction, of all its debts and liabilities, any properties, whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to the mother organization (NAKACO); or some other institution or institutions, having similar objects to the objects of the Community.





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